Chaos to Beauty

The cacophony of rushing water
echoes off each cedar, each rock,
ricocheting from one to the other.

In the midst of the clamor,
an insignificant movement makes its way across
the arrogance of the water.

The creature sails through
and around and amongst the breathing tempest
landing on a boulder thrusting out of the river.

Her wings,
dampened from the shards of water beating the rock,
become too heavy to continue to lift to the blue above.

Sensing innocence, the watery beast grabs
and takes possession of her body,
taking her to the depths of hell.

Long after the river’s hunger is satiated,
long after hope is trampled,
the small creature finds herself spit out onto a bank of growth.

Her wings, thin and translucent from battle,
no longer carry her to the heights.
She lays crippled and disfigured.

Almost imperceptible at first,
something alive sprouts and flourishes immeasurable,
the petals gifting refuge and assurance.

She looks up into the eyes of…

And ever so slightly moves closer.

Then closer.

Then closer.

For the first time in many lifetimes she rests her eyes,
now knowing she isn’t alone.

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